Velvet Sundown is a very different type of role-playing game, a game where you actually take on the role of the character - a guest on a luxury yacht - with you and four other players building a  45 minute long story.

Each time you play Velvet Sundown you’ll be set up with a new identity for you to embody, interacting and chatting with other players, using charm and charisma to convince other players to follow your suggestions, allowing you to fulfil your objectives.   Whether you’re a journalist, playboy, businessman or international spy, you each have your own objectives which can only be achieved with social interactions with other players.

Chatting is facilitated through a text-to-chat system, which means that everyone sounds a bit like Siri, but also means that there are no preformed conversation paths, you can say whatever you want to whoever you want.  This allows for some wonderful free-form story-crafting, with love, scandal and espionage all commonplace on this luxury yacht.  Much like our recently featured Storium, Velvet Sundown is a game that thrives on social interaction and creativity, as such, if you’re playing with the right people it can be a blast.

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UPDATE: Velvet Sundown is now in Open Beta on Steam.  Board the luxury yacht now, Free!

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